We are a team of executives with a portfolio of successful retail turnarounds and implementations. We understand the reality of changing environments and moving targets. We continually evaluate new products, new technologies, and new competitors. We understand the impact of dead inventory, the uncertainty of marketing to unknown customers, the problems of converting data into actionable information and the time and expense to create usable, running systems.

Many companies spend millions on enterprise system solutions only to end with frustrating results. Some businesses end up locked in paralytic fear of changing old but working systems. Others study problems for years and spend double that amount of time in installations before seeing results.

We offer an alternative to this dilemma. We have an integrated suite of applications geared to retail. We help you with the basics: customers, marketing, pricing, inventory management, and we install it with you. We implement circular management, and dynamically allocate product to your stores. We are committed to increasing both your inventory turns and sales at the same time.

In addition, we do not disturb your current systems. You will decide what you want done and when. This system is designed to be merchant driven. Most importantly, we are much faster, and an order of magnitude less expensive than the alternatives.